Om Namah Shivaye: A visit to Tilaswa Mahadev Temple, Near Menal, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Well, I started with family along with two friends families to visit the the very famous Temple of Shiva the Tilaswa Mahadev Temple near Bijoliya, Bhilwara on the occasion of Maha Shiv Ratri yesterday 24th Feb.2017.

That’s above one is the first entrance view of the temple.We call this as Singh Dwaar in Hindi.If I translate this word in English “Lion Gate” actually this is an Entrance Symbol. And the below one is the final entrance of the temple.

A big fair is also been organised every year on the Holy Occasion Mahs Shiva Raatri.This is a very big occasion to local people for shopping. 

Many local shops are also been organised to set local needs. Local ladies and gents, children and Oldmen, women make their shopping needs from this fair.

Very colourful fair it looks here at Tilaswa Mahadev Village Fair. Lots of people are on visit to this temple for the Lord Shiva View.

This oldman is having break tea while selling daily useful things.

Wonderful flowerings was been arranged there to decorate inside view.


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