Exploring Kota( Dad Devi Temple)

The said Dad Devi Temple is situated not more far away from Kota City, it is at 18kms. from Mahaveer Nagar, Kota towards DCM area even more, it may be.

Dad Devi Temple, Kota

This temple is basically a Maa Kali Mandir. Where, Maa Kaali is being worshiped since long back from the time of Rajas.


Over the period of time, visitors increased in the temple but, facilities and improvements are yet to come.
This place I mean near by temple area has that much scope for improvement that it can be developed as picnic spot and a tourist place. People of Kota like this place very much.
In navratri days, more people than used to be, comes in the temple. Specially, on Due gash game lot of pilgrims come here to pray to devi to fulfill their wish in coming years.


During my child hood, when ever we visit temple, our attraction was lot of monkeys we could see there.

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