Exploring Kota (Hadoti Region)

Bheemlat: This wonderful waterfall is situated exactly at the border of three districts kota, Bundi and bhilwara of Rajasthan.
I am writing these lines from here at Bheemlat a well known picnic spot nearby Bundi (31 kms. From Bundi). and 66kms. from Kota via Bundi. There is one more connectivity to Bheemlat that is through 4lane express highway from Kota to bijoliya (75kms) and there after normal state highway from bijoliya to Bheemlat (21kms) this way total 96kms from Kota.

Actually by yesterday we reached here to enjoy jungle safari with 2-3couple of friends by car. In night we enjoyed a bachelor party very well hosted by Mr Sonu. Late night some of the friends get back to kota. But, rest of us decided to stay in the jungle so that we may visit famous stream in the morning.
Wonderful Sunshine:
Early, morning we started to visit the waterfall, “bhimlat”
beautiful waterfall over there which attracts lot of local tourists as well as  foreign tourists.

image Beautiful waterfall Bhimlat, near Bundi.
Our host Mr. Sonu a wonderful person, very down to earth.We couple of friends had a jungle safari under his nice hospitality.

After a bachelor party at night, we got up early morning and started towards stream. He said that the speciality about this waterfall that it is falling from pretty good height. This waterfall is natural water source. Whole the year this water source remains same. Cool one.
I would like to thank the person who selected this place and organized every thing for us in the jungle and had that click view to visit waterfall in the early morning, he is Mr Monu Brar. Thank you dear Monu for having a wonderful time in jungle
For organising this trip and the contribution to make such a Delicious Food for whole team goes to Mr.Pratap Bajaj & his team members Neeraj ji, Devender Ji, Ravi Ji, Laddu Ji and Goldy Ji from this side, I would like to thank again to the team of Sonu ji.
Thanks Monu Brar,
Kitchoos & Dewoos Team, Kota, Rajasthan.


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